One of the best things about owning your agency is that you’re accountable to no one. It’s also one of the worst.  It’s easy to let your priorities slip, dismiss your own missed deadlines because you “were putting out a fire” or pointing to your email inbox and saying “that’s why I can’t get anything done.”

But quite honestly — that’s BS.  You aren’t taking care of your agency’s vital priorities because you let other things get in the way.

Don’t get me wrong — we know how difficult it is when no one is at your side, not only helping you identify what they are but also holding your feet to the fire to get them done.

Our agency owner (remote) coaching is designed to resolve that challenge.  We work with agency owners (and only agency owners) on:

  • Setting annual goals and building an action plan for accomplishing those goals
  • Setting monthly and quarterly metrics so we can track progress and identify when you need a pat on the back and when you need a gentle boot in the rear
  • Holding coaching sessions (Skype or over the phone) to plow through obstacles, adjust plans and be your sounding board/Jiminy Cricket
  • Emails as needed to follow up on homework, key meetings etc.


If you want to really accomplish your largest, most critical goals for your agency — let us help by walking along side you. We’re part industry expert (30+ years in the business), part sounding board, part nag and part cheerleader.

The cost?  For ongoing work, we only sell our time in 12 packs (12 hours of coaching) because, let’s be honest, it’s not going to be fast or easy. We want to know that we will have both your time and commitment to getting things done. Depending on your schedule and the work we’re doing together — we’ll schedule up to one call a month and no doubt exchange some emails in between.

If you’re an AMI network member, the cost for a twelve pack (12 coaching hours) is $7,500.

If you’re not an AMI network member, the cost for a twelve pack (12 coaching hours) is $10,000.

If you aren’t really looking for on-going coaching and you just have a couple questions, you can buy a single hour of consultation.  It’s $750.

Think you need something a little deeper and faster? Maybe our onsite agency consulting would be a better fit?