Sometimes there is no substitute for face time with a trusted advisor.  AMI offers that one-on-one onsite face time for agency owners and their team when that’s what’s needed to advance the agency, ferret out an elusive problem or strategize for a huge win/pivot.

The essence of our agency consulting is to help you shine the light on whatever problem you’re facing…so you have the facts. Once everyone can see the salient truths — we use both our own 30+ years of agency ownership, our owner peer network experience and our access to how it works in agencies all over the world to provide you with advice and options.

Our mission is to think, analyze, brainstorm, cajole and challenge good organizations to become even better by adopting new ideas or abandoning an old one. By being the outsider with insider insights and experience — we’re able to step into ambiguous, sometimes hostile situations and sense what changes need to be made within your agency and help facilitate that change.

We believe our respectful but very candid, straight-forward style lends itself to new “ah ha” moments and growth.

We’ve worked with every aspect of agency life from:

  • Refining new business models and organizational structures
  • Financial management strategies
  • Staffing issues
  • Strategic planning
  • New operating systems and procedures
  • Succession planning
  • Visioning for the short and long term future
  • Bonus programs that incentivize your team to act like owners

We will help you figure out what you need to know and how to get to the right answers for your agency.

In many of our on-site engagements, we talk to the entire team as that “outside expert” to reinforce all the good things you’re doing as an agency, what agency life is like beyond your walls (because usually your team has it pretty good, they just don’t know or have forgotten what a bad agency is like) and how they can contribute to the agency’s success.

We’ve also partnered with a number of subject matter experts in law, finance and other aspects of running a business and can call on them to join the team when necessary.

How does it work? There’s a two day minimum because it just takes that long to truly get traction and make significant progress.  There’s always a pre-visit call or two to set the agenda and goals for the consultation and there’s usually 2-3 after visit calls to check in on progress.

The cost for AMI network members is $7,500/day plus travel expenses.

The cost for non AMI network members is $9,000/day plus travel expenses.

As with everything we do, if you don’t feel you got your money’s worth, we will refund the fee other than the hard costs of the travel expenses.

If you’re thinking this feels like more than what you need – -you might like our agency owner coaching model instead.