AMI Insider

AMI Insider

If you’re not ready for one of our owner peer networks, AMI Insider might be a good option. With AMI Insider, you will receive:

  • Access to a monthly webinar with agency management subject matter experts
  • Access to a quarterly group call with Drew & Craig to answer any agency management question you might have
  • Discounts on all AMI live workshops and online courses
  • Discounts on AMI remote coaching and other offerings
  • Access to AMI’s buyer’s club (discounts from agency vendors)
  • A copy of the AMI’s annual salary survey (sold for $99)
  • A copy of AMI’s annual pricing strategy survey (sold for $99)

The cost? $179 a month. If you decide to cancel, you’re welcome to do that 3 months after any discounts have been applied.

How do other agency owners feel about AMI?

“I’ll admit, I’m a skeptic when it comes to clubs, groups, and organizations. After only a few months, we are bragging to all our peers that the AMI has blown us away by the value of the content, connections and encouragement. We continue to benefit from joining AMI.”

“Being a member of the AMI Owner Network has helped me to become not only a better agency owner, but a better agency OPERATOR! Learning the ins and outs of the business from other experienced owners has resulted in our agency adapting and evolving with the times!”

“I’ve found AMI to be highly informative and a useful tool which has allowed me to take my agency to the next level.  I started getting involved in 2012 and my agency had 25 employees.  Today we’re over 70. Learning from other owners, sharing ideas, and quite frankly – getting some tough love, has enabled me to avoid potentially costly and distracting landmines.  I’ve participated in other network groups and have found them all lacking.”

If you think we can add some value, we invite you to give the AMI Insider a try.

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