Do You Really Have Peace of Mind?

As I was racing to turn in my copy for next week’s social media & email marketing campaign and getting the last approvals to my book editor, I found myself at a crossroads and wondering: are these activities going to help me to achieve peace of mind? Even I, who have the best laid out plans, question sometimes if the outcome will result from this effort. Tell me, are your efforts helping you to achieve “peace of mind?” It’s important for you as a leader to ponder this and see, feel or know what it is and are you doing the purposeful work to help yourself and the team you lead to achieve “peace of mind.” Since “peace of mind” is deeply personal, let me show you what it looks like to me and perhaps in my personal experiences, you can reflect inwards and realize moments when you’ve realized “peace of mind.” I’ve shared with you many times before through The CEO’s Compass, that in business, we seek true North where everything is running with precision such that you can step back and know your leadership has left a legacy. Your legacy is not in the numbers. People will remember you for how you made them feel, all moving forward toward a common outcome that exceeds individual results.  Here are a few examples of my own “peace of mind” moments: Experiencing moments of uncertainty, but having clarity to know they will find a way: The day I dropped my eldest son off at college, I was saddened when I looked at him looking left and right for someone to connect with as we left him in front of his dormitory. He looked lost, but it [...]