Great work. Great people. Great results. Why isn’t that enough?

You’ve built a successful agency with great people and award-winning work. Your awesome clients love you and have been loyal for years. You’ve received "best place to work" awards every year. You’ve got a team of superstars who keep the agency running and the clients happy. Great work. Great people. Great results. Why isn’t that enough to get new clients in the door? The simple answer is that those qualities are the outcome of great agency-client relationships and not the benefits that initially attract new clients. Marketers expect those qualities in any agency they choose. It’s table stakes.  They will judge the chemistry and fit further down the process. You can’t sell those characteristics even though many agencies try. You can’t claim those qualities you have to demonstrate them if you get the chance. Marketers hire agencies to solve their problems; declining sales, competitive threats, low awareness. When they look for a new agency, they are searching for one that they believe will advance the ball and do so fast whether on a project, a specialty, or a full-service relationship. The real reason why new clients aren’t walking through the door is that they don’t know what’s behind that door and how it will benefit them. What they do know is that changing agencies is costly, time-consuming, full of spin and hyperbole, confusing claims, inconsistent results – lies, damn lies, and statistics. It all sounds so futile. What is a great agency to do? In the most simplistic terms, agencies have to reach as many marketers as they can with a viable solution to their problems. It’s not enough to say we get results, or our work works. It has to be industry-specific, audience specific, [...]