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Lee is the founder of GetUWired, a business focused helping business owners around the world break through the glass ceiling and live the lives they deserve—making more money with less work and having more time for all the things they love. He retired from that business in 2016, which gave him the opportunity to start a new company and pursue his life-long passion of mentoring small businesses and helping them grow faster and be more profitable than they ever imaged. You can find Lee on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

The Interview Questions Your Agency Isn’t Asking

Ever hired an employee that didn’t live up to expectations? Or didn’t mesh with your company culture? When you’re growing your agency you don’t have the time or resources to waste on boarding and training employees who aren’t a good fit. But hiring is HARD and you’re BUSY, so how do you expedite the process and get quality talent? One way is to follow the seven-step hiring process I created. I know seven steps doesn’t exactly scream "quick," but the amount of time you’ll save by hiring right the first time makes it worth it (plus, it’s easier than you think). One of the most important parts in the process is the face-to-face interview. You’re finally meeting the candidate who may be the piece of the puzzle that your agency is missing. The only way to really find out is to ask the right questions. Questions that don’t proceed pre-canned and rehearsed responses. Questions that get right to the core of the candidate and give you the insight you need to make the right decision. Questions like these…. Agency Specific Interview Questions Asking questions about your agency is a great way to measure how prepared and how dedicated a candidate is. If a candidate looks great on paper and has all of the necessary hard skills, but can’t answer agency-specific questions, then they aren’t a good fit. They either don’t care enough about the position to do a quick Google search or preparation just isn’t in their nature. Whatever the reason, they’re unlikely to be a good fit. In the early stages of your agency it’s especially important to ask these questions because you need people who are invested in your agency from the get [...]

9 Steps to Picking a Niche for Your Digital Agency

As a digital agency owner, you probably tell your clients all the time that they need to refine and focus in on their service or product offerings. But have you applied the same logic to your own digital agency? Finding a niche for your digital agency allows you to connect with your prospects and deliver a unique selling proposition that speaks directly to them. To make this connection with a prospect on the first impression though you must have clear and targeted messaging. If you’re trying to tell ten different stories and appeal to ten different audiences, then you’ll lose them all. This is why you’ve never seen an Asian-Italian-Greek-Burger-Smoothie fusion restaurant. Sounds silly when you think of it like that. So why then are you and your digital agency trying to help so many people, in so many different industries, by providing so many different services? Instead of focusing in on on being really good at one thing and developing a killer value proposition along the way, you’re spreading yourself too thin. Find a niche for your digital agency now. Every day you waste, the competition is getting more focused, more precise, and more skilled at the niche you could be in. However, it’s important to pick the right niche, one that provides enough opportunity for new business without being oversaturated. You need to be able to carve out a unique section for your agency and there needs to be a demand for it. Follow the nine steps below to find your digital agency’s perfect niche and start growing your agency today. 1. Find a niche that is digitally friendly Is the industry digitally friendly? A lot of industries have done as little as [...]

Are You Tracking These Essential KPIs in Your Agency?

Do you know which employees are most profitable? Which marketing campaigns are most successful? Where your most qualified leads are coming from? How many sales you will get next month? And perhaps most importantly, why? Essential KPIs (key performance indicators) are the path to understanding. Key performance indicators, or KPIs, can give you the necessary insight you need to answer all these questions and more. They can track and measure how well -and how poorly- every aspect of your agency is performing. If you want to grow, sell, or simply maximize your profits then essential KPIs are non-negotiable. But the thing about essential KPI’s is that they often times come with a pesky problem called analysis paralysis. This is being so caught up in tracking and analyzing that the original task never gets accomplished. So how do you track all of the essentials without getting caught up in the numbers? It starts by monitoring only what matters because while you can track just about everything you really don’t need to. There are also certain KPIs that are more important to digital agencies than they are to other industries. Below you’ll find the most KPIs that your agency needs to be tracking. Expenses Knowing exactly where your money is going will allow you to cut back on unnecessary expenses. Sometimes the simplest thing, like a software subscription you forgot to cancel, can cost your hundreds of dollars. You should break down your expenses into individual line items, then they should be categorized so you can see which areas are costing you the most. If you’re not strictly monitoring where every penny is going you’re probably throwing away a lot more money than you realize. One of [...]

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