How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Consistent Leads for Your Agency

If you’re running a marketing agency, there is a good chance that you deliver social media marketing services of some form or another for clients. Your prospects are convinced of the value of social media amplification. Moreover, they feel that social media can generate leads to their business. While you probably provide some kind of social media service, there is a good chance you are not actively using social media to land clients of your own. I hope to change that. In this guide, I will layout how to use LinkedIn to find leads for your marketing agency. Let’s start at the very beginning. Why Use LinkedIn for Your Business There are a half dozen major social networks. While LinkedIn might not be the biggest, it is certainly the most relevant for business professionals in the B2B space. LinkedIn has over 610 million members. There are approximately 121.2 million active daily users. A proportion of these members will work for and represent the kind of clients your agency is targeting. This makes it the perfect place to search for leads. Why Does Your Agency Need To Define Its Goals?  If you plan to use LinkedIn as a marketing channel for your business, you need to set clear marketing goals. This will help you quantify success, and forces you to consider how to achieve your target. When setting out your goals, it’s good to have a clearly defined goal that everyone can reference. For example, here is a general LinkedIn marketing goal you might use: Sign up one client per quarter from LinkedIn Once you have defined that target, you can then set out some sub-goals. These are the actions you need to complete to achieve [...]