Build a Better Agency Summit

Why Attend

There are lots of conferences out there that will help you learn the latest and greatest SEO techniques or digital media buying strategies, but there is not a single conference that focuses on helping small to mid-sized agency owners run their business better, so that it’s more sustainable, scalable, and down the line if you want to — sellable.

Until now.  Until the Build A Better Agency Summit.

You’re going to hear keynotes on proactively defining what you want from your agency and building a plan to get there. You’re going to hear from agency owners who are crushing their goals despite working in some very non-traditional ways. You’re going to learn how to protect your profitability, no matter what season your agency is in.

This isn’t going to be your typical conference.  Sure — we’ve got some amazing keynote speakers.  But you’ll also get to choose break out speakers who address exactly what matters most to your agency and in our roundtable discussions, you’ll be learning from subject matter experts and other agency owners/leaders just like you.  But you’re not off the hook. In the roundtable sessions, we’re hoping you’ll share some of your expertise too.

Best of all, you’ll learn in the AMI way — some lessons, some laughter, some camaraderie, and even what might feel like a little group therapy as you realize you are not the only one who is dealing with the ups and downs that are facing your agency today.

We’re going to cover topics like:

  • Business development
  • Effectively having difficult conversations around diversity in your shop
  • How to create multiple streams of income for your agency
  • Making sure your profits are never forfeited again
  • How to make money in the content game
  • Why agency owners suffer from imposter syndrome
  • The legal pitfalls of influencer marketing
  • Agency valuation and exit strategies
  • How to make sure your superstar doesn’t walk on you
  • Selling research inside your shop
  • Tax strategies that will keep more money in your pocket
  • Building a leadership team the right way
  • How to attract sweet spot clients like bees to honey
  • So much more!

On top of that — you are going to meet some incredible agency leaders, form new friendships, and get at least one takeaway from everyone you meet.  We’ve got plenty of informal networking time built in and a special event planned for Tuesday night.

Don’t miss this opportunity to build your agency so that it serves you the way it should!

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