Key Executive Network

Most agency owners have one or two employees who really help run the show. By title, you might call them a COO, CFO, Director of Account Service or Operations Manager. If you’re intro Traction by Gino Wickman, they’re your Integrator.  But whatever you call them — they’re invaluable and you have a vested interest in continuing to invest in their development, career growth and job satisfaction.

That’s why we created the Key Executives Network.  Much like our owner peer groups, these networks are made up of  highly qualified key players in agencies all across North America.  They meet with the same cohort of people every six months (October and April) in Chicago to learn from each other, create connections they can lean on in between meetings and get personal mentorship from AMI team member, agency owner and grower of leaders — Craig Barnes.

Here’s how it works: 

  • The annual dues are $3,000/agency + the usual meeting expenses.  ($2,400 if you’re an AMI member at any level) You can  send up to 2 people for the $3,000 because your agency is the member — not the individual. 
  • Usual meeting expenses (meeting space, meals, 2 dinners out, etc.) are typically under $1,000 per meeting.  You’re on your own for travel expenses and there is not a mandatory hotel so you can use points etc.
  • These are intimate small groups which supports everyone’s ability to make connections, get challenges addressed, etc. — no more than 14 agencies per network.
  • Dues are collected annually in September.  
  • We hold the meeting twice a year in October and April. The meetings will always be in Chicago. It’s easy for everyone to get to, reasonably priced for a big city etc. 
  • Members arrive night before for a group dinner, followed by meeting all day on day one and conclude by 3pm on day two, allowing members to fly out that night.
  • No financials other than AGI and the AGI percentages will be shown.
  • The meeting structure will be much like our owner peer group meetings — agency updates, goal setting, challenges and big idea sharing, etc.
  •  The focus is very operational with an emphasis on “how do I grow/add value to the agency.”
  • Your agency is responsible for your portion of the meeting expenses, whether your employee attends or not. 
  • This is a network just like the owner networks — so it is an ongoing commitment.  The groups will not tolerate people popping in and out.

If you’d like to enroll your key executive — please email Craig to set up a call to learn more.