Episode 177:

Staying on top of the social media landscape and what it means in terms of going from engagement with fans to ultimately generating new opportunities and sales is one of those ongoing tasks in agency life. Algorithms are always evolving, so what got you reach last year – or even last month – might not get you the same reach today.

We are creating social content for clients every day. Add to that the thought leadership we want to develop for our agency – and that’s a lot of social interaction to manage!

On this episode, we dig into the current data. What’s happening on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and, oh, yeah – Twitter.

How do we engage on these social platforms in smart and effective ways? My guest is Scott Ayres of Agorapulse. His Social Media Lab (a literal lab and also a podcast he hosts) digs into this question with gathered and analyzed data to back up any answers given.

Scott has the awesome title of Content Scientist at Agorapulse. He takes what we all believe to be best practices or questions we have around engagement or audience activity or behavior, and he looks for data points that will help us make better choices in terms of how we use these social channels for our agency and clients’ benefit.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • What social metrics to measure, and why
  • Why local business pages are still thriving on Facebook
  • How people are using hashtags as “Google”
  • Whether or not emoji usage changes engagement
  • Why you might want to post on social networks before or after peak
  • How social media channels are beginning to segment in a good way
  • Why LinkedIn text-only posts perform better than FB text-only posts
  • Data around the resurgence of the Twitter chat

The Golden Nuggets:

“It's all about the science of it, so we can help our clients – who tend to be agencies doing social media for businesses – remove the guesswork about the best thing to do on your social accounts.” – @scottayres Click To Tweet “With social’s ever-changing algorithms, you've got to test and retest constantly. And once you get stale on the same sort of content, that's when you’ll see engagement drop. So you've got to change it up again.” – @scottayres Click To Tweet “With a well-run and consistent Twitter chat, you’re going to get higher amounts of reach and impressions while you're doing it. It can certainly be worth doing.” – @scottayres Click To Tweet Notes from the social media lab with Scott Ayres Click To Tweet

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