I asked over 550 agency buyers what they wanted from your AE’s.

Do you know how your AE’s are growing or sabotaging your business from the inside out?

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Over 550 clients told us what they want from YOUR AE’s.

Executive Summary Explains:

  • The sometimes encouraging, sometimes horrifying, but always insightful, real feedback from the market.
  • The top 4 things buyers EXPECT from your AE’s (and they’re not always getting it).
  • What clients want INSTEAD of pitch happy AE’s.
  • What one thing over 50% of all respondents said was super important to have in an AE.

Your AE’s define the relationship you have with your clients. Profitability, longevity and more. You can’t afford not to know what your clients are thinking!

We did a deep dive (about 90 minutes) via a webinar that you’re also welcome to view here.

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