Build a Better Agency Summit


Each and every speaker at the Build A Better Agency Summit is focused on one thing — helping you earn more and keep more of what you earn. Their specific expertise is quite varied but every one of them is going to give you a critical piece to the puzzle that is — how do I build an agency that is stable, sustainable and scalable?

During the summit, these industry’s top experts will give you the inside scoop on:

  • Emerging technologies
  • How to design your exit for maximum ROI
  • Building multiple revenue streams
  • Winning the new business race
  • Beating your imposter syndrome
  • Influencer marketing — protecting your agency and your clients
  • Selling content strategy programs for a crazy profit
  • Making sure you get paid first, not last
  • Building an agency so it has maximum value
  • Tax strategies
  • And so much more!

Jay Baer

Best selling author & Founder of Convince & Convert

Session: How to Make Something Out of Nothing

Jay Baer is a 7th generation entrepreneur, best-selling author of six books, and founder of five, multi-million dollar companies. In this interactive session that pulls no punches and murders sacred cows, he’ll talk about how he’s built a global consultancy with no office, no business phone number, and no employees. He’ll also share how he combines his professional services work with a successful thought leadership program that brings his blog more than two million visitors per year.

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Robin Boehler

Founder of Mercer Island Group

Session: Win More Business: Give Prospects What They Really Want

Help your prospects buy from you! They want a partner that can solve their problem and deliver a return on their investment. Agencies can improve their new business batting average by giving prospects what they really want.

Re-orient your focus by developing a way of thinking and talking about yourselves within the context of how you help clients succeed – all through the eyes of your prospects.

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Scott Leff

Principal of TobinLeff LLC, helping agency owners develop strategic exit plans (including buying/selling)

Session: Will I be able to retire after I retire? (How your agency will be valued & what you can do today to increase it)

From our homes to our businesses, most of us think the things we own are worth more than the people who may want to buy them do. When looking toward your eventual retirement, it’s important to have an honest sense of how much of it the sale of your agency might ultimately fund.

The first step is understanding what an Exit Plan is and when to put one in place. Next, fill in the gaps identified in the plan. And, finally, go to market with the best strategy you can to maximize your return.

Scott will help you understand the thinking buyers will apply to valuing your business and provide tips for starting your planning today so that you can get the best return tomorrow.

The path to selling an agency is littered with misperceptions and false assumptions. Come clarify your own thinking and prepare yourself with realistic expectations for your future planning.

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Drew McLellan

Agency owner and CEO of Agency Management Institute

Session: Honestly, Drew has no idea yet…but it will be good!

Drew talks to agency owners and about agencies every day.  So he’ll come up with something that will keep you both riveted to but on the edge of your seat.  It will be moving, inspirational but above all else — actionable.

Stay tuned…we’ll update this once he’s sorted it out.

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Amber Naslund

Best selling author & senior content marketing evangelist for LinkedIn

Session: The Fraud Squad: Tackling Imposter Syndrome in a Hyperconnected World

Talk to professionals in almost any discipline, and you’ll hear them tell you how often they’ve felt they’re mostly faking it. Self-doubt is pervasive, and even the most talented people get stuck believing like they’re not good enough, that other people are surely smarter and more qualified, and that any success they’ve had is largely due to luck or favors from others.

What gives?

In this provocative and radically transparent talk, Amber Naslund walks you through what Impostor Syndrome is, where it comes from, why it gets in our way, and how our digital, always-on world can make these feelings of inadequacy so much worse. Then she’ll share the strategies and tactics that you can use each and every day to shut down self-doubt, reclaim your superpowers, and truly bring your whole self to work.

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Liz Nead

Best selling author, coach & speaker

Session: You Can’t Say That! Strategies to master diversity in a new decade

It can sometimes feel, no matter where you turn, you are offending someone. So much so, we now ask the “offended” to lighten up and not take us so seriously. It’s clear our words have power and it’s also become apparent we aren’t always sure how to use this instrument for good.

In her presentation,  “You can’t say that.” Liz shares ten things we say that widen the diversity gap. Even with the best of intentions to connect, these statements make it harder to gain common ground and can cause irreparable harm to others personally and professionally.

Prepare yourself for bold humor and disarming dialogue as Liz gives you tools to become more effective in your communication with others and face the fears of saying the wrong thing. She equips you with five essential strategies to handle complex and diverse situations and important language to create connection under pressure.

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Joe Pulizzi

Best selling author & founder of Content Marketing Institute & Orange Effect Foundation

Session: Build to Sell

Joe Pulizzi created one of the most influential and well-respected organizations, Content Marketing Institute, from scratch.  He is credited with coining the phrase “content marketing” and from the beginning, he was building it all so he could sell it all.  Which he did in 2017. Joe will talk about building a business with an end goal of selling that business for a significant multiplier.

He’s going to show us how he conceived, built and then sold Content Marketing Institute and he’ll show you how you can do it as well.

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Paul Roetzer

Founder and CEO of PR 20/20 and Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

Session: The Intelligently Automated Agency: How AI and Machine Learning Can Transform Your Business

Consider how much time your team spends on repetitive tasks such as: drafting social media updates, writing blog posts, personalizing emails, building lead nurturing workflows, developing advertising copy, managing paid media spend, conducting keyword research, finding insights in analytics, and recommending strategies (to name a few).

Now, what if I told you every one of those activities could be intelligently automated with smarter marketing technology?

Marketing technology is getting more intelligent, and the agencies that are proactive in finding, piloting and scaling AI-powered solutions will have a potentially insurmountable competitive advantage.

You can sit back and wait for the world to change around you, or you can embrace AI to create a competitive advantage. During this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce costs by automating repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Increase revenue through the power of personalization and prediction.
  • Discover AI-powered marketing technologies that are enabling a more intelligent future.

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Robert Rose

Best selling author & Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory

Session: Building The Practice Perfect: Content Marketing For Agencies

How You Should Be Delivering Content Marketing Strategy For Your Clients And For Yourselves.

Delivering strategic Content Marketing planning as a new agency offering is more than throwing the copywriters in with the web and social team. The strategy of content as a business function has changed.

Let’s get into the operating model, the strategy and the measurement of content marketing and how it can help you charge a premium, build retainer value, and create a trusted advisor relationship with your clients.

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Sharon Toerek

Principal of Toerek Law

Session: Social and Influencer Marketing – How to Create Campaigns that Lawyers Love

Nobody wins when “legal” puts a halt to your brilliant campaign late in the game. Learn what agencies need to know about the current legal environment for social media and influencer marketing, and how to create a campaign that delights both your client and your legal team. Gain insight into the updated guidelines, review recent legal enforcement activities by the FTC, and get practical tips for best practices to avoid legal pitfalls, for your agency and your clients, when using these methods. Come away with a checklist of tactics you can implement right away for your agency’s next campaign.

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Eric Vardon

Founder of Morphio

Session: Using data to win new clients and keep the ones you have

We read about it all the time. Our clients are asking about it. but for most agencies, data, where to get it, what to do with it, and which data matters can still be a bit fo a mystery.  Beyond that  there’s first party data questions, third party questions.  We need some pragmatic, affordable answers.  That’s what Eric is going to share!

By the end of this highly interactive session, you’ll be able to:
• What data matters to your clients and prospects
• How to weave data into your proposals, case studies and stories
• How smart use of data will allow you to charge a premium every time

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Tamsen Webster

Founder of The Red Thread®

Session: The Red Thread for Agencies: The simplest way to find the strongest ideas

As an agency, ideas run through everything you do: they’re in every piece of content, every campaign, every pitch new client pitch. But how do you find the best ones, quickly? Even more, how do you talk about them in a way that makes your clients (and theirs!) see your ideas as clearly and powerfully as you do? The answer lies in how you come up with great ideas in the first place. Join 20-year agency and client-side message and brand strategist, and current TEDx Idea Strategist, to learn a simple way to get the core of a great idea, and the strongest way to share that idea with others.

By the end of this highly interactive session, you’ll be able to:
• Use a proven process to diagnose current ideas and build new ones
• Transfer that process to your team to get them, and their strategies, working smarter and faster
• Apply the same simple structure to supercharge your content and presentations (and turn great strategies into great stories to tell)

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