Your leadership-level employees are the backbone of your agency. Ideally, they allow you to step away from the day-to-day and actually do your job. They also free you up to travel without being chained to your phone. And for some of you – they’re literally your future in terms of selling your agency someday down the road.

But how do you get them to that level? Moving from an employee to a leader is a journey and most employees need a guide to make that transition. It’s certainly some skills learning but even more than that, it’s about:

  • Vision for their own growth, their department’s growth, and the agency’s evolution
  • The ability to inspire and lead
  • The ability to grow and nurture talent
  • Clarity of their role and how they can contribute to the agency’s success
  • Confidence to lead

Odds are your leadership-level employees are very good at their core competencies. But making the leap to leading is all about the soft skills.

Our leadership-level one-on-one coaching helps you assess whether your employee can level up to be the leader you want them to be and if that’s the case – be their Sherpa.

Here’s how it works:

  • We meet with the agency owner to understand the vision and hope you have for the employee
  • We meet with the employee to explore their goals and vision for their future
  • We run the employee through our agency-specific assessments to measure their behaviors, motivations, and competencies.
  • We look at their leadership potential (through the assessment)
  • We identify the key growth areas for the employee to get them ready to fully embrace their leadership role and work with the employee to help create action plans to fill in any gaps.
  • Then, we coach them through the action plan and help them apply the new skills, attitudes, and vision into their day-to-day work and how they contribute to the agency.

If you’re grooming your leader/s to step into an ownership position or just want them to help you run the agency day-to-day, we can help you get them ready for the challenge.

Meet your leadership coach — Danyel.