Members (network members and gold/platinum level associate members) are eligible to participate in our AMI Association Health Plan.

This program offers group health as well as options for dental, vision as well as life, disability, catastrophic illness supplemental policies etc.

Each agency can offer multiple options (plans) to their employees and each agency can determine how much of the premium they want to pay and how much they want to have their employees contribute.

We offered self-funded and fully funded plans in all 50 states.

Across the country, the savings for some companies has been as much as $1,500/employee per year but obviously — every agency is different.


(NOTE: We are happy to answer your questions before you become a member, but can’t answer any specific cost questions or have you go through the application process until after you are a paid member.)

Want to chat with someone about whether or not this plan would work well for your agency? Click here.