infographicWhen an agency targets a new business prospect, they invest a lot of time trying to learn about them. But usually all they can gather is demographic data on the business and its CMO – location, age, education, income, industry, past spending etc.

After awhile, they all become a blur of sameness when in reality, they’re anything but. We decided to go a different route and developed research that would tell us more about marketing decision makers and their behaviors, challenges and beliefs about agencies.

We worked with Audience Audit, a research provider that specializes in attitudinal segmentation and Luth Research who provided the respondent panels. Together, we created a series of carefully crafted questions designed to give us better insight into what drives a marketing decision maker to hire, fire, recommend or ignore an agency.

The results were fascinating — despite the many similarities in terms of industry, maturity, company size or annual revenue, we found dramatically different opinions about what it means to work with an agency.

We discovered that there are three distinct attitudinal—based personas that we named Looking for Love, Playing the Field and Single and Satisfied.

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