“I just want to say thank you for creating the “Getting it Write!” session with Robin and her team. I just can’t believe how much I took away. It completely changed the way I look at proposals, case studies, bios, and the process of winning new work. And now I’m hungry for more!”

Are you an agency owner, leadership team member and/or business development director? Are you charged with growing the agency by landing new clients and growing your current client list? Then this workshop was designed with you in mind.

Whether you’re submitting a proposal in response to a referral or inbound lead or jumping through the hoops of an RFI/RFP, what you say and how you say it in your written documents is your golden ticket to the next round of consideration. Or not.

There are numerous perils to pitching new business today, especially in a written format:

  • Difficulty “standing out”
  • Difficulty communicating your unique and winning agency culture
  • How to build chemistry via the written word
  • Too much reliance on a small group of senior “sellers”
  • Balancing senior & account team roles
  • And more…

Robin Boehler, Steve Boehler, and Lindsay O’Neil of Mercer Island Group can help. They read hundreds of written proposals and capabilities decks every year. They know what stands out to clients, what encourages them to ask for more, and, ultimately, what wins.

In this two-day workshop, you’re going to dive into what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to:

  • Cover letters
  • Tackling the business issue
  • Case studies
  • Agency bios
  • Look & feel
  • And then some…

If you’ve attended in the past, this is new content that will build on what you’ve already learned. If you’ve never attended before, you’re in for a mind-blowing, notebook-filling, win ratio crushing couple of days.

Who should attend: Agency owners, leadership teams and business development directors who are charged with growing the agency by landing new clients and growing the clients you have.

Registration Information

The workshop is October 14 & 15, 2024 in Denver, CO at the Tivoli Student Union (Auraria Higher Education Center).

Click here to Register Online – October 2024


Tuition: $1,995 for the first attendee. $1,795 for each additional attendee.

AMI members (Associate or network members) save $200/person!

Tuition price per person includes all meeting materials, and lunch both days. Travel, accommodations, and other meals are not included.  Our cancellation policy is here.

Money back guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with this workshop for any reason, just call or send us an email, and you will be refunded 100 percent of your tuition – no questions asked. In all the years we have offered this workshop, no one has ever asked for a refund.