2021: How over 1,200 agency clients are operating during an economic boom post-COVID

As we planned our 2021 study in the spring of 2020, it seemed clear that the United States was moving out of the pandemic and into a period of economic resurgence. The first COVID-19 vaccinations were administered in December 2020, and by mid-April, all US states had made vaccines available for residents 16 and over.

U.S. economic growth surged in the first half of 2021, reaching 100% of pre-pandemic levels in July. However, during that same month, COVID-19 cases began increasing due to the highly contagious Delta variant, and it was clear America wasn’t out of the woods yet. In addition, the Great Resignation in which millions of American workers left their jobs to pursue more money, more security, more flexibility or just to reconsider their work/life balance had gained steam in early 2021, with over 4 million workers leaving their jobs in April alone.

Our 2021 study, fielded in the first half of July, reflects both the hope, enthusiasm, and lingering concerns of this critical juncture that became the hallmarks of the year.

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