At Agency Management Institute we know that running an agency (whether it’s an ad agency, media buying shop, PR firm, digital shop, web dev, or marketing agency) can be a little lonely.  Most agency owners are accidental business owners.  You were amazing at some aspect of agency life (account service, creative, etc.) and one day you decided to go out on your own.

You got busy and pretty soon you needed to  hire some help. Next thing you know, you’ve got five employees and you are running a business. Many agency owners go it alone for years, running their business by the seat of their pants, instincts and a little good fortune.

For awhile, that works just fine. You’re smart, committed to doing good work and taking care of your clients. But at some point, it feels like you’re stuck in place. You can’t pay yourself what you know you should and growing is getting harder.

That’s usually the moment that agency owners reach out to us. They’re tired of trying to figure it out on their own.

What they discover is that having a peer group of agency owners who get their worries, hopes and struggles becomes a lifeline they come to rely on.  Many of our network members have been a part of AMI for over 20 years and the group is as valuable to them as ever.

What they’d tell you is that their peer group serves as their unofficial board of directors, sounding board, and the people they call on those days that they’d sell the agency for a quarter. Equally important – the network members are the ones who genuinely celebrate your big wins and break throughs.

We offer two kinds of owner peer networks and a network for an agency’s right hand man/woman that we call the key executives network.

The owner peer networks either meet twice a year (live) or every month (virtual). If you’d like to be a member but not participate in an owner peer group, check out our associate memberships!

The key executive networks meet twice a year (live) in Chicago.