2024: Getting hired in 2024 – new insights to help agencies get found, hired, and retained

Over a decade into our Agency Edge Research Series, we’ve consistently provided small to midsized marketing and advertising agencies with critical insights into our industry. As agencies have faced a bevy of challenges in the last few years—the COVID-19 pandemic, economic headwinds, and rapidly fluctuating employment conditions—it has become more important than ever to find the key to unlocking lucrative client relationships.

In 2024, we decided to take stock of client mindsets after this period of great change, revisiting our attitudinal segmentation from our 2014 and 2019 agency client research with a focus on business development. Not only does this research show agencies how prospects are thinking today, but because we have asked some of these questions over the past decade, we can look at the evolution of business development, from the prospects’ point of view.

What prompts an organization to decide to hire an agency or replace the one they have? How do they go about that search? Where/how do they find the agencies that they put into the consideration set?

What factors influence their decision more than others? What, if anything, would speed up their process? What the heck is their process and how do they manage it

In addition to reports from our previous studies, you can review the foundational research that informed this year’s study for free through our website. In this report, we’ll share what we’ve learned and what you need to know to reach your right-fit clients in 2024. As you read through this report, we’ll answer questions like:

  • How have clients’ attitudes changed since we first asked for their perspectives on working with
  • Are the dreaded RFPs/RFIs on their way out?
  • Will having a defined niche set you apart from other agencies when courting clients?

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