When it comes to conducting a client satisfaction survey, your agency has three choices: (1) adopt a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and roll the dice. (2) conduct the study in-house or (3) conduct the study using a 3rd party.

You know the outcome and risks of choice #1.  Choice #2 is definitely cheaper. And in terms of candor and participation, you will get what you pay for.  Option #3 sets you up to merchandise the survey so even your clients who are on the fence about you will be impressed that you’re asking and how you handle the results.

If you decide that you’re ready to invest in protecting your client base and improving your win/keep ratios — we believe there are some benefits of using AMI as your 3rd party research partner:

Client confidentiality leads to more candor

Your clients will speak more freely if they aren’t talking to you directly. They don’t want to hurt your feelings so a 3rd party offers them the opportunity to be more candid and offer more useful feedback.

An unbiased but informed perception

We don’t have a bias about any particular client, but because we understand the agency business and specifically, your agency — we know the questions to ask to get the answers you need.

Agency expertise

We know agency clients. We can hear what they’re saying and know which threads to pull to get even more information. Your clients will be comfortable talking to us because we’ll speak their language.


You will receive:

  • Draft of participation request letter
  • Online survey template/questions
  • A customized online survey built
  • Online survey for unlimited # of participants
  • Custom phone survey template/questions
  • Up to eight clients surveyed by phone
  • Transcripts of all interviews (with client scrubbed for confidentiality)
  • Analysis of results
  • Written report with recommendations based on results
  • Video meeting where we’ll walk you through the results/recommendations
  • Draft of post-survey report to clients


For every additional phone interview, add $500.