If your agency’s future is tied to making stuff, then you’re destined to be on a perpetual roller coaster financially. Someone will always make stuff less expensively than you can.

We’re entering the era of the authority. While you may already be sick of the phrase thought leader, the truth is, there aren’t that many of them in our industry. Thought leaders don’t write content that any other agency could claim. Thought leaders don’t write about anything, and everything and thought leaders don’t compete on price.

And their time is now.

Experts are afforded the highest level of confidence and trust because they have a depth of knowledge that can’t be denied or easily replicated. Why wouldn’t we capitalize on that, as opposed to writing generic marketing tip posts that looks like every other agency’s content?

Agencies are at the cusp of a huge shift, and if you take full advantage now, you’re going to be tough to catch up to. You can own an authority position that will future- proof your agency.

Are you ready to be part of this next generation of breakout agencies? This book will show you how.

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Wonder what other folks are saying about the book?

“Authority” sounds like a word a bully would love: It suggests power, prestige, command. But the truth is that “authority” is more about honing and sharing your expertise through speaking, writing, a point of view. The word “author” is embedded right into “authority.” Clever, huh?

What Drew and Stephen have done is given you a field guide to being a true authority, and showing you how to connect that to your growing business. Recommend!

Ann Handley
CCO, MarketingProfs and WSJ bestselling author of Everybody Writes and Content Rules


Staying relevant for the future is what professional services businesses are struggling to accomplish.  For the first time, a book that gives a realistic plan on how to actually create thought leadership that works.  Not theoretical prose, but an actual plan to do it along with examples of best practices.  Read it today and put it into action next week!

Renae Krause
Co-Founder of er marketing


If I was writing a business and strategy book for marketing agencies, it would be Sell With Authority. This book is most likely the only thing standing between your agency and oblivion. Save yourself (and your agency) by following this critical guide to agency success.

Joe Pulizzi
Author, Killing Marketing, Content Inc. and Epic Content Marketing


“Sell with Authority” is the definitive guide to future-proof your agency. As competition increases in our industry, Drew and Stephen have a solution that outlines every step and tool you will need to establish an authoritative position. They give you the right questions including the ones that define your point of differentiation, which is the only way to avoid commoditization of your agency. Read this book, roll up your sleeves, and follow this map to a more profitable future.

Sara Steever
President of Paulsen


Incredibly useful! This is the ultimate guide to growing an agency with thought leadership and content marketing. A must-read for every agency owner and manager.

Jay Baer
Founder of Convince & Convert and co-author of Talk Triggers


I read Drew and Stephen’s book, Sell With Authority, and my first reaction was, ‘yeah… I know.’ I wasn’t able to stand back and realize that I had spent a decade fumbling over the concepts in this book – doing them, making mistakes, trying more, trying again – before figuring out what really worked for us.

Sell With Authority is brilliant, because now you don’t have to make the same mistakes that we did. Ultimately, things worked out great for our little agency (we sold to WPP in 2014, and the agency then went on to become Mirum, now a part of Wunderman Thompson), but how much better could things have been with a book like this? Stop fumbling around! The agency business has never been more complex. Let Drew and Stephen break it all down for you. I wish I had this book in 2003.

Mitch Joel
Author, Six Pixels of Separation + CTRL ALT Delete, Former President of Twist Image/Mirum


The world around us is changing so fast, it’s hard for agency owners—in fact any business owner–to keep up. Selling with Authority is an easy-to-read playbook that explains why these changes are taking place and offers specifics on how we can quickly take action to get in front of the competition.

Stephen Fry
President of Spindustry


Want to grow faster? Sell With Authority is a must read – an innovative business development framework for agencies of all sizes. Read it. Do it. Sell with Authority!

Robin Boehler
Mercer Island Group


You’re selling the wrong stuff! Don’t worry, almost every other agency out there is as well. It’s time to stop. Drew and Stephen, in their new book “Sell with Authority” not only tell you what you’re selling is wrong, but why it’s wrong. You need to be selling gray matter – your thinking and expertise. You need to be an authority. But how do you do that? How do you pivot and make the shift from selling stuff to selling smarts? How do you carve out a position of authority for yourself and your business?

As an agency owner, I can tell you it’s not easy. It takes focus and dedication and it’s a shift we’re continuing to navigate. Drew and Stephen share real-world examples and provide tips, tricks, and tools to get it done. You won’t find two individuals more passionate about our profession and more caring about helping you succeed. Do yourself a favor…read this book.

Brad Gillum
CEO of Willow Marketing