Since 2014, Agency Management Institute has partnered with Audience Audit to develop and share custom research designed to help marketing agencies better understand their clients, their prospects, and even their employees.

The research results are publicly unveiled each fall in conjunction with our media partner Content Marketing World (2019-now), before that – Hubspot’s Inbound conference. (2016 – 2018) and before that, at the BOLO conference (2014 & 2015).

We also offer summary reports of the data/insights and online webinars to walk agency leaders through the data and tackle their questions as we explore the research together.

You are welcome to review this year’s research as well as previous studies.

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Agency Edge 2020: How are clients reacting/planning given COVID’s impact?

Agency Edge 2019: How Clients in the US and Abroad Choose their Agencies

Agency Edge 2018: When, What – And WHY – Clients Outsource To Agencies

Agency Edge 2017: What Clients Really Want from Agency Account Managers

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Agency Edge 2015: How/Why Agencies Get Hired and Fired

Agency Edge 2014: Client Attitudes About Agencies