Agency COO’s – Could 90 Minutes A Month Change Your Life?

Something we often hear from agency COOs/Director or Operations, etc. is they wished they had others to bounce around ideas with …who understand the business … that could offer an informed opinion. Let’s face it. As the agency’s COO, you’re usually the one who is driving some of the biggest decisions within the business.

But, what if you could spend an 90-minutes a month with an “ad hoc” board of advisors -others who are walking the same path as you, facing the same challenges?

We’re inviting you to join AMI’s Virtual Agency COO Network – a monthly 90-minute long meeting of the member agency COOs/Director of Operations (10 agencies max) who talk openly and freely about their challenges and come together collectively to assist each other to meet those challenges.

It will become the best, most productive hour of your month. We promise.

AMI’s Carolyn Lodge facilitates these virtual video gatherings of COOs from across the world that not only learn from each other but also create a bond in a confidential environment that promotes resource sharing, problem-solving, and camaraderie.

You’re Among Peers Who All Want The Same Thing

Network members are exclusive to their market – there’s no competitive threat … no other agencies from across town … only others just like you who are committed to growing their agencies in ways that separate and distinguish them from those in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

There’s power in collective experiences. Each month (and probably in-between via email) members come together to tackle issues … from best practices for attracting and retaining top talent, developing account teams that are business advisors …not order takers, effective ways to eliminate scope creep, to effectively managing agency financials for creating a business that provides opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

This Isn’t For Everyone

AMI’s Virtual Agency COOs Network is for agencies that fit the profile of the other 250 small to mid-size agencies we work with each year … a mix of advertising agencies, PR firms, marketing shops, media buying, digital marketing, and design firms with the desire and drive to grow their business to the next level.

To be considered for membership; you must:

  • Be an agency COO/Director of Operations
  • Be interested in peer group discussions and learning
  • Be willing to share your ideas, successes, and failures generously and openly
  • Adhere to the AMI Manifesto

Learn AMI’s Best Practices

In addition to learning from each other, we’ll share AMI’s best practices that help agency COOs come alongside their agency owners to operate profitable enterprises. We’ve learned these ourselves from a collective 50+ year experience of operating our own agencies.

Interact With Purpose From Your Desk

Like anything, what you contribute is proportional to what you receive. This confidential environment promotes a dialogue of trust and sharing. The key to making a peer network meaningful is members’ willingness to be open and honest – sharing successes as well as failures. The exponential power of people coming together with a common purpose and experiences can change your life.

Should You Apply?

AMI’s Virtual Agency COO Network provides a forum for professionals like you who want and need an opportunity to come together to discover and learn from others, tap into AMI’s proven methods that drive profitability, and to create a secure future for you and your family.

So, is this you? If so we’d invite you to apply for membership today or email us to schedule a time to chat about whether or not this is for you.

Receive Additional Benefits When You Become A Member

We’re all about creating exceptional value for our AMI agencies. When you become a member of AMI’s Virtual Agency COO Network, you’ll also get:

  • Access to a quarterly webinar with agency management subject matter experts
  • Discounts on all AMI live workshops and online courses
  • Discounts on AMI remote coaching and other offerings
  • Access to AMI’s buyer’s club (discounts from agency vendors)
  • A copy of the AMI’s annual salary survey (sold for $99)

Why not reach out to learn a little more about AMI’s Virtual Agency COO Network and see if we can help you lead your agency to new heights?

Ready to get started?