There’s no generation that has been more maligned in the workplace than the millennials.  And yet for most agencies — they’re becoming a large part of your work force.

Believe it or not, with the proper screening, training and motivation — your next best employees could easily be millennials.  Let’s face it, whether you need their digital skills, their entry level salary price tag or their passion for the business, it’s a rare agency that can avoid hiring millennials all together.

So why not embrace them, learn how to guide and motivate them and let them help you grow your agency to all new heights?

Who should attend: Agency owners, leadership teams and supervisors who are charged with overseeing employees and growing them to their full potential.

This two-day workshop will give you and your team tools you’ll use to transform millennials into agency ninjas who are fired up to help you grow your business, connect with clients and focus on their own development. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Know what motivates millennials to stretch and grow
  • How to spot a “good” millennial during the recruiting/interview process
  • Understanding how to help your older employees “get” the millennials and visa versa
  • Maximize mentoring strategies to bring out the best in your millennials (and employees from every generation)
  • Navigating difficult conversations across generations
  • Translating millennial behavior and language so you can understand them better
  • Earn loyalty and retain the best employees… no matter what age they are or what are you are
  • Achieve  the best performance out of a multi-generational team
Registration Information

January 17 & 18 in Orlando

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Tuition: $1,495 for the first attendee. $1,295 for each additional attendee.

Tuition price per person includes all meeting materials breakfast both mornings and lunch both days. Travel, accommodations and dinners are not included.

Money back guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with this workshop for any reason, just call or send us an email, and you will be refunded 100 percent of your tuition – no questions asked. In all the years we have offered this workshop, no one has ever asked for a refund.