I’m not going to preach the reasons why planning matters.  You know why.  You preach it every day.

Instead, let me tell you a little bit about the one-page marketing agency business plan template and how you can use it to grow your agency.  I designed the template to accomplish a few goals.

  1. You need to grow your agency holistically — rather than focusing on just one or two problem areas.
  2. You need to do more than just identify some business goals.  I want you to flesh out the first few steps of actually getting started.
  3. Every goal has obstacles.  This template will help you identity those right up front.
  4. You shouldn’t forget the less sexy aspects of the business like systems as you complete your plan.

The one-page business plan for agencies is designed to help you focus on 6 core areas of your agency:

  • Leadership/Management
  • Staffing
  • Internal Systems
  • Financial
  • New Business
  • Marketing

The truth is — if your agency survived the past few years, you’re already running a pretty good shop.  You don’t need to make huge, sweeping changes.  You need to make smart adjustments.  But imagine, if you could make one significant improvement in each of those aspects of your business — you’d probably enjoy a pretty good year.  Now imagine if you repeat that process this year, next year and so on.  How amazing could your agency be in five years?

Download the one-page business plan here.