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February 25, 2020: Creating a growth culture with Doug Austin

Doug Austin has lead biz dev teams in agencies big and small and he believes that every agency should have a growth culture that permeates through the entire team. Michael Stelzer said this about Doug: “I can say that our agency would not have been able to sustain the growth we enjoyed without his leadership. He is a master of choreography when it comes to pitching and winning.”

Learn how you can create that same success in your own agency.

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May 5, 2020: Unfortunately our recording of this webinar had technical difficulties.  We’re sorry if you missed it.


August 31, 2020: Discover your leadership superpowers

Using your unique strengths to galvanize your team and lead like a superhero. We are in unprecedented times, and we need leaders like you. Before COVID-19 hijacked our lives and our agencies, we may have taken for granted how easily we moved through our day. As people start to re-emerge, a new world is taking shape. Your agency may look drastically different. There is no better time to dig into your natural strengths and call on your inner super hero to help your agency navigate through 2020 and whatever opportunities and challenges that 2021 will bring.

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November 16: AMI exclusive results of the 2020 Agency Edge Research series with Susan Baier and Drew McLellan

The subject for the 2020 Agency Edge Research series is the economy and how clients are feeling about it, as we hear rumblings of a recession, approach the US Presidential election, and just deal with the dynamic business environment’s budget pressures, etc.

As always, Susan Baier (Audience Audit) and I hold back some of the juiciest bits of the research data for AMI members only. In this webinar, we will tell you the WHOLE story and give you insights that no one else will hear!

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