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Hey agency owner — 2016 Content Conferences for Agencies

I recently had an AMI agency ask me which 2016 content management conferences for agencies I would recommend they consider putting into the budget. First -- bravo to the agency for actually baking professional development into their budget.  Most agencies underspend in this area and it costs them their best talent. A recent survey showed that agency employees consider being sent to a workshop, conference or other professional development opportunity as being equal to a 17% raise. Whether they are telling you or not -- your people want to keep getting better.  You have a responsibility and frankly it's just smart business, to help them sharpen their saw.  Do they have a responsibility too?  You bet.  I wouldn't send anyone to a conference or workshop if you don't see evidence of them also trying to learn on their own and them bringing that new knowledge into the agency as a teacher. You co-own the responsibility and the best employees are the ones who are hungry to learn and to teach their peers. And of course, whether they want to get better or not -- you NEED them to get better.  You invest so much into your people and they are your primary source of revenue, so you'd better keep investing in them. In our world today -- even if you know everything today, you will be woefully behind in a blink if you don't keep adding to your knowledge base. So your folks need to keep improving.  If not, you have to keep trading up and that gets very expensive. And it should go without saying but I'll say it anyway -- YOU my agency owner friend also need to keep sharpening your skills, knowledge and exposure [...]

Social media/content marketing workshop just for agencies – grab a seat quick!

The odds of winning new clients is significantly higher if they're the ones who call us.  Learn how to "do" social media so it drive leads to your door. It's time for your social media efforts to result in real, qualified new business leads. Don't do social because you think you have to. Do it because it's generating new revenue! Your agency needs this workshop if: You want better inbound leads You want SEO results that are relevant and will drive sales You want to leverage your social efforts into speaking engagements that position your agency as the expert You want to be able to use your results to sell social to clients You don't want your clients to call you out on the fact that you sell social but you don't really do social Learn from an agency owner who has taken his agency from being a nice boutique shop in the midwest to being quoted in the New York Times and having The Wall Street Journal call their blog "one that every entrepreneur should read." Best of all -- learn how they leveraged their social media efforts into a 150% increase in AGI. This workshop isn't about theory. You'll leave with a robust plan that outlines exactly what you're going to do, how you're going to get it done, and how you're going to measure the results! If it doesn't work, we'll refund your workshop fees, no questions asked. The Chicago Social Media for your Agency Workshop Register yourself or your team today! Chicago, IL DATE: September 24 & 25, 2012 TIME: Monday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Tuesday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm LOCATION: Chicago Marriott Downtown Download the brochure! EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS SEPT 9TH