How to Market Your Digital Agency

Understanding how to market your digital agency is a common issue plaguing new agency owners. Entering into a new space isn’t easy, whether by a conglomerate or a brand new startup. Take Uber, for example: The ride-sharing company has taken a foray into the world of food delivery, and the service — which, according to The New York Times, is available in 120 markets worldwide — sometimes earns more than Uber’s original offering. The company reported in July that the new service, called UberEats, was already profitable in 27 out of 108 cities in which it operates. Uber’s newly appointed CEO and executive team are optimistic that the food branch will increase growth and revenue. So how can startups emulate Uber’s successful new offering when entering into already tightly packed spaces like food delivery? Entrepreneurs should get to know their audiences — before even reaching out. There’s no way a startup can attract its target audience if it doesn’t know who those people are and what they want. But edging successfully into nearly saturated spaces, as Uber did with food delivery, requires entrepreneurs to think outside the box. Differentiators don’t need to come from out of left field, but they should be subtle and thoughtful differences that meet customers’ needs and delight them. When Marketplace Homes, for example, first made its way into the $117 billion real estate industry, its founders decided to narrow the company’s target audience to new construction in their home city, Detroit. The founders also identified their ideal customers as people with homes for sale who would be trading up to larger houses. By targeting thousands of customers instead of millions (or even billions), Marketplace Homes ended up selling the most [...]