Is Gratitude A Noun Or A Verb?

Many years ago, I created a “mantra” for myself  - three words that I try to live by every day.  Gratitude • Grace • Give.   I had a wooden sign made and it hangs in my home — to serve as both a celebration and a reminder of that personal goal. I don’t alway honor that promise as fully as I could, but I sure try.  As I was thinking about what I wanted to say to you in this week’s article, I decided to actually look up the definition of gratitude.  I know this will make me sound like I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box but I was reminded/surprised that gratitude is a noun.   For me, gratitude is a verb.  It’s an action word.  I absolutely feel it, but more than that — I try to walk it out in all that I do.  It’s why we produce so much free content like the podcast, blog, webinars, etc.  It’s our way of supporting agency owners out there and being very clear about whose side we’re on. I know how many resources you have out there and I am grateful that you choose to lean on AMI to help you build an agency that is more sustainable, scalable and if you want to down the road — sellable.  Since I can’t talk to/hug/help all of you individually, it’s my group hug, I guess. I am very aware of my good fortune.  I get to serve people I genuinely love.  The agency owners and leaders in my world are important to me, far beyond the work we do together and I understand how rare and special that is.   Thank you. Whether you are [...]