What does an advertising agency consultant do?

There are a small handful of advertising agency consultants out there and each of us serves our clients a little differently. I thought it might be helpful for you to see our ad agency structure and how we define the role in our work with small to mid-sized agencies. An advertising agency consultant is: 1) Experienced --a seasoned pro in the business of successfully running an agency.  I’ve been running my own agency for the past 20 years. 2) Someone who understands that to offer relevant counsel, he/she must stay relevant.  That’s why I still run my agency. 3) Actively working with all variations of agencies — advertising, marketing, digital, media, SEO, PR etc. 4) A teacher — I try to be a thoughtful teacher in as many ways as possible:4) Our workshops, offered for agency owners/leaders and account service staff Our agency owner peer networks — each one facilitated by me My work as I consult one on one with agency owners  Through my writing, both on this site and in other publications 5) Going to ask some pretty uncomfortable questions sometimes.  It's my job to listen and hear what's underneath the first answer.  Sometimes you already know the answer -- you just don't want it to be the answer.  And other times you need someone to tilt the mirror slightly, so you can see the truth. 6) A BS meter. Part of my job in this ad agency structure is to help you see when you’re telling yourself things that don’t serve you or your agency.  Call it tough love, call it accountability or call it caring enough to tell you what you need to hear.  You’ll always get a straight answer from me. 7) A networker.  Part of my [...]