“I followed the plan I built at the AMI Content workshop in 2018 and we’re on track to land more than $300,000 of new business as a result. I can’t afford to miss the 2019 edition!”

Don’t miss the workshop that will change the way your agency does business and makes money!

This year AMI is teaming up with Robert Rose from The Content Advisory/Content Marketing Institute, and co-author of Killing Marketing (How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Costs into Profit) to teach you how content has changed, how to build your team to scale and profit from the demand and how to leverage these same best practices for your own agency.

If you implement what you learn over these two days, you’ll future proof your agency, differentiate yourself from the pack and have a new revenue stream that will keep your clients asking for more.

This isn’t a sit and listen lecture — this is a get your hands dirty, leave with a plan and start making money workshop that will leave you a little exhausted but fired up and ready to hit the ground running.

Day One:

  • The State of Content Marketing (Level set our definitions and make sure you have the latest in thinking about what Content Marketing is, how it is succeeding, and how it is deployed both for your clients, and your business.)
  • Anatomy of A Strategy Engagement (Learn the detailed methodology of how to deliver a Content Marketing Strategy Engagement and why this will create the follow-on projects that will create long-term clients.)
  • Storytelling for Business (Master the framework and structure for how agencies can help their clients develop better content, that relay better storytelling.)
  • The Suite of Content Marketing Services (Explore where you go through the different kinds of follow-on engagements, with examples, so that you know how to deliver them. We also review cost, resources needed, the level of complexity, and the competitive set.)

Day Two:

  • How to structure your agency to scale and profit (A suggestion of ways to organize your content marketing services group so that you can actually scale this to multiple clients.)
  • The tech you need to do the job effectively
  • Intelligent Strategy (Go beyond content marketing — learn best practices for workflows, content audits, content modeling and more)
  • Audience Measurement –(Discover how to measure audiences instead of the content output. Actually defining and quantifying ROI)

Registration Information

January 23-24 in Orlando, FL at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Resort

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Tuition: $1,695 for the first attendee. $1,495 for each additional attendee.

Tuition price per person includes all meeting materials, breakfast and lunch both days. Travel, accommodations and dinners are not included.

Money back guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with this workshop for any reason, just call or send us an email, and you will be refunded 100 percent of your tuition – no questions asked. In all the years we have offered this workshop, no one has ever asked for a refund.