Amber is a senior content marketing evangelist for LinkedIn, and a 20-year B2B marketing executive with a past roster of leadership roles with high-growth technology companies, professional services firms, and nonprofit organizations.

Her love for all things digital has given her the opportunity to work across every aspect of marketing strategy, from communications to product marketing, brand strategy, sales enablement and media. She’s successfully completed multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns, built and led high-growth marketing organizations, and launched and accelerated international brands from the ground up.

Amber’s experience working with enterprise and Fortune 100 businesses – including companies like American Express, Dell, Kraft Foods, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft – as well as startup and small businesses gives her significant breadth and depth of perspective about how digital and social media, content marketing, and online channels are shaping marketing success and challenging organizations to adapt to new ways of reaching and engaging their customers.

Amber is also the co-author of the best-selling business book The Now Revolution, helping companies navigate the fast-moving world of social media. She delivers dozens of keynote speeches on digital marketing, online culture and digital transformation at industry conferences and private events every year.

When she’s not working, Amber is a single mom to an incredible daughter, an equestrian, a rescuer of pit bulls, and a freelance writer.