If your agency is a member at one of the following levels:

  • Gold member
  • Platinum member
  • Key executive member
  • Virtual owner peer group member
  • Live owner peer group member

You are eligible to send employees to one or more of the SIG Summits throughout the year.

Once a year, we bring together agency employees who share a role or discipline within the agency — with the intent of them learning from each other.

Typically, we hold four separate SIG Summits a year but in 2021 because we’re not sure we’ll get enough participation, we’re going to test the waters with the digital summit and go from there.

  • Digital (May 18-19, 2021 in Chicago)
  • CFO/Ops (TBD)
  • Creative leadership (TBD)
  • Project Management (TBD)

Each Summit is capped at 50 participants.

They all work exactly the same way.  The agency can sign up to three participants for each Summit for $1,500/summit. Your only other expenses are travel to/from Chicago and a prorated portion of the meeting expenses which averages out to about $500/person.

Your employees would travel to Chicago the night before the Summit starts.  We provide breakfast and lunch both days and a group dinner after the first day.

We hold the meetings at the Conference Chicago.  You can put your folks up at one of the many hotels within walking distance.

The structure of these meetings are very different from an AMI owner or key executive network or our workshops. 

A month+ before the meeting — We email the people attending the meetings (not the  owners — the actual people going to the SIG Summit) and they send us a list of things they want to talk about (you can download a sample digital and CFO/COO discussion guide from last year). At AMI, we build out the discussion guide based on their input and throughout the two days, facilitate the discussion of the questions in the guide. The attendees serve as both student and teacher — sharing their best tips, tricks, hacks, tools and techniques. It’s a very dynamic, lively and fast-paced conversation.  

And best of all, the participants stay in touch throughout the year, asking questions, sharing resources, etc.  The agencies that have done this for the past several years love it and no one has opted out.

The schedule for the Summits is as follows:

  • Day One — meet 8:30 – 5 pm/ group dinner
  • Day Two — meet 8:30 – noon and then everyone goes home

There is no sharing of financials or anything specific to your agency other than tricks, tools, etc.