Episode 248:

The Black Lives Matter movement has triggered a global conversation that has been a long time coming. Like other business owners, agency leaders are wrestling with the questions and concerns about racial equality in their agency and in our industry. How should our agencies respond internally and externally?

The demand for conversations about racial equality is louder and more urgent now than it has ever been. Employment attorney and discrimination complaint investigator Jennifer Long has a scalable, business-centric response to moving towards racial equality that will help us create consequential and sustainable change.

What can we do to take meaningful action? Should we be issuing an anti-racist statement? Or use our social media channels to post memes? How do we handle this well and respectfully while also not taking our eye off the ball and helping our agency recover from COVID and the economic downturn?

It’s critical for agencies to have their house in order before they publicly bang their drum, and Jen can help us understand how that works from a business perspective. Her recent engagements have been focused on helping organizations expand their racial consciousness and messaging around this topic.

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Agency Leaders

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How agency leaders should respond to the need for racial equality
  • How to provide your team with the right resources to educate themselves about racial equality
  • How to improve your hiring practices and align them with racial equality
  • Why implicit bias negatively influences the workplace
  • How agency owners can put together a course of action that is meaningful but also enables them to continue operating profitably
  • What you can do to take a stance on racial equality without being criticized as a hypocrite
  • Examples of companies that are dealing with this issue successfully

The Golden Nuggets:

“There is a real opportunity for companies to figure out what is unique about them and show their support for racial equality through that uniqueness.” -Jennifer Long Click To Tweet “Now is the time to use your organization as a vehicle to create the world we all say we want.” -Jennifer Long Click To Tweet “Racial equality doesn’t just happen. We are all participating in a system, and in order to dismantle the system, we have to acknowledge the cultural filters through which we see the world.” -Jennifer Long Click To Tweet “After reviewing their company through a racial lens, agency leaders can identify what they want to improve on in as little as a couple of hours.” -Jennifer Long Click To Tweet “We are a racist culture, so all of us have been programmed to see individuals in a certain type of way.” -Jennifer Long Click To Tweet “The challenge is to move away from the status quo and actively dismantle the systems that only provide you with white job candidates.” -Jennifer Long Click To Tweet “You’re either racist or anti-racist—there is no more neutral.” -Jennifer Long Click To Tweet “If YOU the agency leader and YOU the person want to be better, it all starts at the same place. Where are you at now and where do you want to go?” -Jennifer Long Click To Tweet

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