Episode 354:

As agency owners, we’re often dedicated to the niche we’ve carved out for ourselves and can get very comfortable serving our clients within those parameters. It’s easy to become highly committed, and stubbornly so, to that one niche. When it stops working for us the way we want it to, deciding to pivot can be difficult.

Today, the CEO of PredictiveROI, Stephen Woessner, came on the podcast to share his experience with this exact situation. His agency had been working in a niche for many years as a podcast shop that helped clients produce content. After some time, it started to become clear to the team that there was a better way they could be approaching business. Thus, a new agency niche was born, which began their great pivot to becoming the authority in teaching clients how to be the authority of their industries.

Stephen shares with us what led to the decision to pivot, the decisions he and his team made during the shifting process, and how they re-established their cornerstone content to align with their new niche.

If you take nothing else away from this very transparent and open discussion today, you should at least know that you have permission to think differently about how you want to position your agency to potential clients and that it’s okay for your agency niche to not be permanent. Sometimes, to build better, you need to pivot.

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Agency Niche

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Why choosing your agency niche doesn’t have to be a permanent decision
  • How Stephen Woessner of PredictiveROI knew it was time to pivot to a new niche
  • Why sometimes throwing out the playbook and rebuilding in a different direction is a better move for your agency, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first
  • What pushed Stephen and his team to rethink their agency niche and the value they were providing to their clients
  • How to know which types of clients you’re already serving the best (this could be your new niche)
  • What is cornerstone content, and why is it so important to establish?
  • The importance of building a community of people wanting to learn from you and others to make more effortless sales
  • You have permission to think differently about your agency and how you want to position it in your industry
“We want to be seen as the authority on how to become the authority.” @stephenwoessner Click To Tweet “I hadn't quite come to the realization yet that by stepping further into the helpfulness around this niche that it does not diminish the work that our team has done.” @stephenwoessner Click To Tweet “One night, we had a really candid conversation about being a one-trick pony. And, honestly, at that point, PredictiveROI was.” @stephenwoessner Click To Tweet “You do help them be better and then plant your flag of authority, but you don't do that in such a way of like, ‘Here I am, the authority.’” @stephenwoessner Click To Tweet “We had kind of a safe harbor and we knew that if we were going to continue this next level of growth for Predictive, we needed to get back out into the quasi rough waters, but making different decisions and changing the business.” @stephenwoessner Click To Tweet

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