Episode 249:

Most agencies do not have a reliable sales strategy. They either rely on referrals or they employ what I call the feast or famine methodology. Neither strategy actually delivers consistent, profitable prospects or new clients. There’s a new, better way to sell for agencies. I’m a huge believer in an agency owning a position of authority and using it to make sales easier, faster and more profitable. That’s why Stephen Woessner and I wrote a book on the subject! And it’s why I wanted to invite Michelle Prince onto the podcast.

Michelle is a best-selling author, public speaker, self-publishing expert, and CEO/Founder of Performance Publishing Group. She offers a unique perspective on thought leadership to agency owners who are looking to establish a position of authority within their niche. She believes that authoring a book is the strategy of choice.

In fact, Michelle says, “you can’t spell authority without ‘author,’” and while writing a book is certainly not the only way to build your thought leadership position, it is a very effective option. In this episode of Build a Better Agency, Michelle shares her process for becoming an authority by focusing on authorship and publishing as a means of bringing significant value to your audience.

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Agency Owners | Claim your agency’s position of authority

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • What being an authority looks like and how to get there
  • How Michelle’s experience working for Zig Ziglar shaped her approach to building authority
  • The power of putting yourself out there as the subject matter expert
  • Why writing a book can help build your thought leadership and establish your position of authority
  • Why you have to claim your authority no matter how many agencies do what you do
  • How to leverage the power of authority
  • Why backstory is so important in the digital age
  • How to build your entire thought leadership platform off of a book
  • How you can use your thought leadership platform to generate multiple revenue streams

The Golden Nuggets:

“People will throw away your business card, but they will never throw away your book.” @motivateinspire Click To Tweet “If you want to serve (and that’s all business is), you have to put yourself out there in a way that people want to listen to you. The reality is—people want to listen to the expert!” @motivateinspire Click To Tweet “There is so much power in putting yourself out there as the subject matter expert, and having a book makes it even better.” @motivateinspire Click To Tweet “The power of authority is taking what you’re already putting out there and organizing it in a way that you can leverage.” @motivateinspire Click To Tweet “Now that everything is digitized, your backstory is extremely important because it gives you authenticity and makes you human.” @motivateinspire Click To Tweet

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