Episode 252:

This may be the most unorthodox episode of Build A Better Agency to date. When I met Amira Alverez, who helps agency owners and leaders really harness the power of the subconscious mind, I was intrigued and invited her to be a guest. But then she asked if she could turn the tables on me and do a coaching session with me – live – and we’d let all of you eavesdrop in on the session.

I’ll admit, I was anxious about it. I didn’t want the episode to be about me. But Amira flipped the script and takes us all through a live-action case study using her methodology, with yours truly as the subject. She stops and coaches along the way and in the end, it’s a brilliant look at how we are all the biggest detriment to the success we’re capable of achieving as agency owners.

Amira Alvarez is the founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping entrepreneurs, empire builders, athletes, creatives, agency owners, and rising stars in all fields achieve their dreams and goals in record time. Before Amira got clear on her goals, she was making $135k, but only a short while later, she started producing a seven-figure income that she’s been able to sustain to this day.

Amira helps agency owners figure out what they want, and what’s in the way. I encourage you to join in on this unique journey because you might have a breakthrough as well. Follow along and work through Amira’s process with us—it may provide you with clarity in areas you have struggled with for years.

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Agency Owners | Subconscious barriers to your agency’s success

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Amira’s entrepreneurial journey
  • A live-action case study using practices from Amira’s success methodology
  • How we as agency owners can own the truth about what we really want
  • How to get clear on your big, audacious goal and make a plan to execute it
  • Why a timeline is such a huge factor in your ability to achieve your goal
  • How to understand your subconscious mind and self-image
  • Tactical strategies and mindset shifts you can use to get out of your own way

The Golden Nuggets:

“When you fundamentally change the way you look at the world, you can make monumental breakthroughs very quickly.” @AmiraAlvarez Click To Tweet “The only thing that stops agency owners from getting ‘there,’ is not knowing where ‘there’ is.” @AmiraAlvarez Click To Tweet “There are two steps to fundamentally changing your subconscious beliefs. One is to change your beliefs first. And two is to take massive, immediate, continuous action.” @AmirarAlvarez Click To Tweet “When asked what you really want, most agency owners tend to answer safely instead of owning the truth.” @AmiraAlvarez Click To Tweet “One reason why people get off-track from hitting their goals is that they don’t have a timeline in place—there is no sense of urgency.” @AmiraAlvarez Click To Tweet

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