Episode 236:

Agency owners wear many hats and certainly one of the most important is leader. There are days when that’s easy and even fun. And then, there are days like the ones we’ve been having lately, when the weight of that role can get pretty heavy. Our employees need us to guide them through these uncharted waters. And to do that, we need to stay calm, confident and compassionate. But how do you do that when you can’t even be in the same room.

The current COVID crisis is pushing teams and agency leaders to their limits. Fortunately, leadership and culture expert Adam Carroll has tools and insights that will help you show up to be the best leader possible; in a time when that leadership is sorely needed.

In this episode, Adam and I talk about how to manage and stay aligned with a dispersed team, how to hold everyone accountable, and how to create connections that will survive and thrive beyond the crisis. Adam’s advice is pragmatic and actionable. You’ll be able to put it into play immediately.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • If you decide to go with a different keyword, make sure to have the keyword listed in at least one bullet point in bold.
  • Advice for agency owners on how to lead their team while working remotely
  • How agency owners can be authentic and compassionate and still hold the team accountable
  • The HEAT framework and how agency owners and leaders can deploy it throughout the organization
  • The importance of shared ownership and the elements you need to create it
  • What agency owners should be aware of as they transition to a virtual environment
  • How to reinforce the team aspect of your agency, despite not physically being together

The Golden Nuggets:

“Agency owners can create some calm by giving their employees something to be certain about.” @AdamCarroll Click To Tweet “Shared ownership requires three things: information, decision-making, and an understanding of the consequences.” @AdamCarroll Click To Tweet “During the COVID-crisis, there are two things that agency owners need to be extremely mindful of off the bat—frequency of communication and recency of communication.” @AdamCarroll Click To Tweet “Coming up with team projects and other things they can contribute to is a good way to remind them that, although we’re not physically together, we are still a team.” @AdamCarroll Click To Tweet “What cannot be lost in this are the lessons we take away from the downtime.” @AdamCarroll Click To Tweet

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