Episode 238:

When you realize that this episode is about holding a virtual event, you might jump to the conclusion that this is a C19 focused episode. Nothing could be further from the truth. Virtual events have been successful for years and are always worth considering, pandemic or not!

Agency owner Nicole Mahoney has always been an innovative marketer on behalf of her agency. Her podcast and other industry specific content has positioned her agency as one of the country’s authorities on destination marketing.

In the fall of 2019, she knew it was time for them to host a broader event to connect with even more industry leaders and prospects. She briefly considering hosting a live conference but the costs were just prohibitive. That’s when she decided to explore hosting a virtual summit. In November, that’s just what her agency did and the results were impressive.

With the right structure, the right tech stack, the right speakers, and the right audience, virtual summits are an opportunity for agency owners to establish themselves as the experts in their respective industries. Learn how Nicole used this channel to build her audience and lay the framework for significant growth.

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Agency Owners | Connect with agency prospects using virtual events with Nicole Mahoney

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Why Nicole decided to organize a virtual summit
  • The benefits and drawbacks of virtual vs. live events
  • How Nicole structured her virtual summit and who she invited to participate
  • The technical and production side of Nicole’s virtual summit
  • How Nicole’s team tracked engagement for their virtual presentations
  • Where Nicole plans to take her virtual summits in the future
  • How Nicole is collaborating with other marketers in the travel and tourism industry
  • The results of Nicole’s summit and what’s in store for the next one

The Golden Nuggets:

“Virtual summits are a great way for agency owners to expand on the content development they are already doing.” @Break_TheIce Click To Tweet “We currently use virtual summits for audience building, but they are capable of doing so much more than lead gen alone.” @Break_TheIce Click To Tweet “So many people are looking to online resources for doing business during the pandemic. There is a lot of opportunity to monetize your content.” @Break_TheIce Click To Tweet “Ask yourself, what are the biggest questions your audience has going into the new year? If you plan on hosting a virtual event, pick a theme and structure that will answer those questions.” @Break_TheIce Click To Tweet “The bigger your audience gets, the more ways you can deliver content under your brand.” @Break_TheIce Click To Tweet

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