Episode 239:

There’s always been a great debate among agency owners – does cold email work as a new business strategy. Many will argue that given SPAM filters and the volume of email that everyone gets, it’s impossible to break through and actually get the attention of someone in the C-suite. My guest Jeff Winters proves that belief wrong for his clients every day. But will it work for your agency?

Jeff created a company called Sapper, a service that works with agency owners and brand leaders to help them with their outbound email marketing and sales efforts. Understanding his methodology means you can do this at home—or you can hire a company like Sapper to do it for you.

In this episode, Jeff gave us the scripts, the timing cadence and how you can measure the results. Ours may be an industry that typically does not boast a lot of success from cold calling, but Jeff has many agencies on his roster that are doing things differently and experiencing great success. I picked Jeff’s brain to find out exactly what they are doing so you can do it too.

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Agency Owners | A new tool to add to your agency’s sales strategy with Jeff Winters

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How Sapper was founded and what they do
  • How to master outbound email marketing
  • How agencies perform using Sapper’s sales methodology
  • Different tactics you can use for macro, micro, and nano tiered clients
  • How to approach frequency of communication
  • What to do when somebody actually responds to your outbound marketing
  • How to rethink your sales strategy in a time of crisis

The Golden Nuggets:

“Relevancy is pain solved. What's the pain? And how are you solving it?” @winters_jeffrey Click To Tweet “Whatever your strategy, you have to relay something to your prospect so they know this isn't a computer, otherwise it looks like automation and they're out.” @winters_jeffrey Click To Tweet “One of the challenges for agencies is that there's nothing we can offer to create a false sense of urgency. Our clients need us or they don’t. They’re ready to buy or they’re not.” @winters_jeffrey Click To Tweet “If I am reaching out to you and I feel that I have value to share, it is my obligation to reach out to you until you say yes or no.” @winters_jeffrey Click To Tweet “What you're trying to do for your customer acquisition engine is get to a place where you can turn up top-of-funnel activities and know exactly how many prospects you will get.” @winters_jeffrey Click To Tweet

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