Episode 234:

US and European based agency owners are fighting vigilantly as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in their region of the world. It’s affecting agencies and their clients in significant ways. I’ve been talking to agency owners non-stop for the last two weeks and one thing is for sure – one agency’s experience is not like another’s. For some, business and AGI has never been better. In others, 50% of their AGI has walked out in less than ten days. I wanted to connect with an agency owner who had already experienced everything we are going through today and could tell us what’s coming next.

Kiri Sinclair owns the 50-person PR shop aptly named Sinclair. They’re based in Hong Kong with hubs in several cities in China and they are about three months ahead of us in dealing with the coronavirus. Needless to say, there are some good lessons for us to learn from her experience.

Hong Kong and mainland China reacted differently to the initial outbreak than European countries and the US have reacted so our experience may not be perfectly parallel. However, the timeline still provides us with some idea of what to expect moving forward. The good news is – there’s good news.
Two and a half months in, client business in Hong Kong has picked up and things are moving back to normal. Every country and every agency is different, but Kiri’s story serves as a beacon of hope and helps us anticipate what is coming next.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How agency owners across the globe are responding to the COVID-crisis
  • The experience of Hong Kong-based agency owner Kiri Sinclair since the outbreak first occurred there over two months ago
  • How clients responded to the global pandemic in Asia
  • How to be proactive in protecting client relationships and the team amidst the crisis
  • How to consider handling internal changes such as pay and lay-offs
  • Mistakes our guest made and what she would have done differently if she knew then what she knows now

The Golden Nuggets:

“Agencies in the U.S. and Europe are very lucky to have an additional two months of knowledge to make difficult decisions.” @SinclairTalk Click To Tweet “Get your contingency plans in order. Then, communicate what those contingency plans are, how your business is operating at this moment in time, and how you are supporting the community to contain this outbreak.” @SinclairTalk Click To Tweet “There are so many ways all of us can either personally be of service or, and most importantly, enable our brands to be of service.” @SinclairTalk Click To Tweet “As an agency owner, it's on my shoulders to find every single piece of business so I can bring in enough work. I have to generate enough revenue to ensure that my teams have enough to live off of, and that's what I'm going to do.” @SinclairTalk Click To Tweet “If we need to reduce the calories across the team, that's what we'll do. But we will ensure that everyone who wishes to remain with us has the opportunity to keep that job.” @SinclairTalk Click To Tweet

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