Episode 257:

They say that the only thing we fear more than public speaking is death. That’s some pretty deep seeded fear! On top of the fear, many agencies want to leverage speaking as part of their biz dev strategy but there are so many questions. How do you get in front of the right audience? How do you capture email addresses from the stage? How do you convince event organizers that you have something of value to offer? The good news is – it’s not as scary or as hard as it might appear.

We are itching to get in front of our sweet spot clients so we can demonstrate value, step into a position of authority, and walk away with opportunities to make a sale. But results driven public speaking does not happen without a plan. You can get in front of an audience but are they the right ones?

When it comes to public speaking as a biz dev tool, Grant is an expert. He is the founder and CEO of TheSpeakerLab.com, a training company for public speakers. He is also the best-selling author of “The Successful Speaker.”

Grant coaches professionals of all skill levels with the biz dev techniques he uses in his own speaking engagements. He also teaches how to market yourself as a speaker and find the right event and audience for your goals.

Listen to the episode, and learn how to get on the right stage, in front of the right people, so you can demonstrate your expertise and walk away with opportunities to land some business.

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Biz Dev | How agencies can use public speaking as a biz dev tool

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Grant’s background in public speaking and how he developed his expertise
  • How to use public speaking as a biz dev tool
  • Why public speaking is a great way to step into a position of authority
  • How a business development mindset can change your approach to public speaking
  • How to identify natural speaking opportunities in your niche
  • How to differentiate yourself and stand out from the other speakers in your vertical
  • The common mistakes speakers make with booking and how to avoid them
  • How to engage promoters and event planners

The Golden Nuggets:

“Before you start public speaking, you have to be really clear on what the biz dev win looks like for you. How does speaking fit into what you’re doing?” @grantbaldwin Click To Tweet “If you want to be taken seriously as a speaker, you have to take yourself seriously as a speaker.” @grantbaldwin Click To Tweet “In biz dev, part of what you’re being hired to do as a speaker is deliver the talk about products or services you’re offering as an agency. The other part you’re being hired to convey is the experience of working with you.” @grantbaldwin Click To Tweet “People won’t think of you as a speaker if you don’t tell them that you’re a speaker.” @grantbaldwin Click To Tweet “Just because you’re passionate about speaking does not mean there is an audience around that particular topic.” @grantbaldwin Click To Tweet

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