Episode 241:

Very few agency owners are giddy about the prospect of prospecting for new clients. It feels uncomfortable and unnatural. But what if it isn’t that they hate biz dev but that they just weren’t doing it in a way that aligns with their strengths? If sales felt comfortable and easy, wouldn’t you do more of it?

In this episode of Build a Better Agency, we are joined by biz dev expert Jody Sutter of The Sutter Company, a new business consultancy that advises small agencies on organizing and operationalizing their growth strategy. Her programs make it easier for small agencies to embrace and sustain a new business strategy because they take both the agency’s strengths and available resources into consideration. Jody walks us through the steps we can take to bolster our biz dev strategy as agencies and clients emerge from the storm.

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biz dev | Biz dev for agencies in crisis

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Jody’s background and what she is doing to serve agencies
  • Common biz dev mistakes that agency owners make
  • How agency owners can overcome fear and rejection in business development
  • The four strength profiles of agency owners and the nuances of each one
  • How to identify your strength profile and build a strategy that caters to it
  • Jody’s “prescriptive approach to new business”
  • How to stay the course while you’re constantly changing your mind about your agency
  • How agency owners can move from inaction to action
  • How Jody is helping her clients redirect their sales efforts during the global pandemic

The Golden Nuggets:

“Biz dev tends to be neglected until it’s urgent. A lot of it has to do with fear and misalignment of strengths with the job at hand.” @jodysutter Click To Tweet “Biz dev is a process where you will be turned down more times than you will be told ‘yes.’ I work with agency owners to put the odds in their favor.” @jodysutter Click To Tweet “When opportunities come through, agency owners feel as though they can go back to doing something they’re good at. It’s easy to convince yourself to return to your comfort zone.” @jodysutter Click To Tweet “Agency owners mistakenly think that if they can find a clone of themselves to play the new business role, they’re gonna be fine.” @jodysutter Click To Tweet “A New business ecosystem is no different than a natural ecosystem—you choose things that align with your strengths so you can achieve your goals quickly.” @jodysutter Click To Tweet

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