Episode 246:

Most agencies have yet to harness the power of data automation tools, and the numbers reveal a concerning reality. 60% of all agencies believe that they make at least 6 costly digital marketing mistakes on a client’s account every week. 33% of agencies have eaten between $5-$10,000 to fix a single campaign mistake. And it doesn’t get better with size. The number of mistakes nearly doubles when a digital agency scales from $1 million to $5 million in fees. And that’s not the most horrifying news that came out of a recent study conducted by Morphio.

If there’s one thing most agencies have plenty of—it is data. If there’s one thing agencies struggle with—it’s data. That’s what intrigues me about data automation tools like Morphio. They define themselves as a check engine light for your digital campaigns. I invited founder (and agency owner) Eric Vardon onto the show to talk to us about this very real challenge. Out of his agency’s necessity, Eric’s team has been developing data automation tools baked with AI and machine learning. Eric’s products are helping agencies plug their leaks and become more profitable using data and automation, and he offers his tools at an affordable price point.

In this episode of Build a Better Agency, Eric shares his journey as a tech entrepreneur and agency owner. He walks us through the lessons he’s learned about refining agency processes, improving team efficiency, and expanding the agency-client relationship using data automation tools. He breaks down the common mistakes agencies make in that arena and explains how we can improve our own systems and processes. Find out how Morphio is working with other small to mid-sized agencies to bring them invaluable AI and machine learning capabilities that don’t break the bank.

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Data Automation Tools

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How data and reporting have shaped the way clients interact with agencies
  • How Morphio’s data automation tools help agencies plug leaks in the bucket
  • When and how Eric decided to offer his automation tool to other agencies
  • How to leverage AI so you can focus on creativity and client strategy
  • Why you need a check engine light for your agency’s performance and efficiency
  • How you can use Morphio to make your agency more profitable
  • How Morphio has changed reporting, and where it’s headed next
  • Why data monitoring can help you make more informed decisions as an agency leader

The Golden Nuggets:

“What if we could put math behind marketing? If we could do that, clients would be addicted to the results, and it would remove the subjectivity from our process of advertising.” @helpyourhumans Click To Tweet “Humans are best at creativity. We’re best at strategy and understanding data. But there’s going to be significantly more data for us to review. We have to look at tools and automation that are going to help us.” @helpyourhumans Click To Tweet “Data automation tools can actually tell us how to modify, how to change, and how to optimize. Not only do they provide us with protection, they provide our team members with more hours to focus on other projects.” @helpyourhumans Click To Tweet “Once we told our tool what to focus on, it was smart enough to flag any information that fell outside of the norm. Then, our team knew exactly what to prioritize and what to change. Saving hours across 80 clients every day is why we built Morphio.”… Click To Tweet “Clients become so excited by the data at their fingertips that they start to see the value of your agency in a very different way.” @helpyourhumans Click To Tweet

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