Episode 372:

Marketing agency culture is constantly changing, but adapting the best we can is important. And one of the most important ways we need to be adaptable is by identifying where we can bring more diversity and new perspectives into our company culture.

Sometimes when you’re sitting in the boss’s chair, there can be a disconnect between knowing what your people want and need and seeing who might be missing from the room altogether. This is where this week’s guest, Farzana Nayani, comes in to save the day. She has over 20 years of DEI work experience and knows how to get straight to the core of what employees want from their employers.

In this episode, we’ll talk about how to create safe environments for everyone, communicate that you’re open to having tough conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion, quiet quitting and labor hoarding, and how to set boundaries around polarizing topics in the workplace.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How employee resource groups are beneficial to employees
  • How DEI work has changed since Farzana began this work
  • What can we do as business owners to create a safe environment?
  • How to communicate that you’re open to difficult conversations around differences
  • How to learn more about our employees without creating more discomfort
  • How to invite more diversity into your agency culture
  • The rise of quiet quitting and labor hoarding
  • How to avoid polarization around politics in the workplace

“There are ways that even small business owners can make those adjustments to be more inclusive, not only to our team but to customers as well.” @farzananayani Click To Tweet “As leaders, it really is on us to take hold of the organization's leadership and invite it in and model it.” @farzananayani Click To Tweet “There are big companies that are looking for companies that are minority-owned or veteran-owned, LGBTQ-owned, etc. Partnering with those agencies to win the bigger bids is huge.” @farzananayani Click To Tweet “As much as you're spending time marketing and creating promotions and a brand experience for your clients, you've got to do the same for your employees.” @farzananayani Click To Tweet “Just as you know and learn about your audience, you've got to know and learn about your employees. And you've got to know and learn about the people who aren’t in the room.” @farzananayani Click To Tweet

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