Episode 137:

No matter what kind of agency you own, where it’s located, or how large it is – there is a truth about your business. You are literally and figuratively on stage every single day. Whether you’re on the phone with a client, sitting across the table from a few people, or standing on the stage at a national conference, we are constantly presenting.

We can’t afford to be shy about presenting. I’m not suggesting you do a TED talk but I am suggesting that you can’t afford to shirk away from any stage, big or small. You’ve heard me talk about the value of speaking as a way of creating cornerstone content but today I want to focus on a different aspect of presenting – selling from the stage (whatever that stage may be).

This week’s podcast guest loves to talk to business owners about how to do that bigger and better, and bolder. Dustin Mathews is an author of many best-selling books, and he has shared the stage with athletes, business celebrities, and titans of business. His latest book, “The No BS Guide to Powerful Presentations: How to Sell Anything with Webinars and Online Media Speeches and Seminars” is going to be a book that you are going to not only read but underline and highlight and share with others. That I promise you.

Dustin is known for creating content that drives people to buy products en masse. His companies and private clients have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Inc magazine. He’s literally marketed and filled over 3,000 events and has led 10 online product options. He and his work had generated over $43 million in sales. So he knows how to package and sell value.

As a part of prepping for the work that he’s doing today, he did some recent research and has identified a process for creating and selling products and services that he calls the Irresistible Offer Architecture that is so unique that he was able to get recognition by the US Patent and Trademark Office.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why it takes practice to get comfortable with public speaking
  • Testing and getting feedback on material before presenting it to a large audience
  • Why it doesn’t matter how qualified you look if you’re able to speak to someone’s pain point
  • Giving a speech that gets people to take the next steps you want them to take
  • How to sell at conferences when you’re told “don’t sell from the stage”
  • Creating excitement about your offer by teasing coming next in your presentation
  • The five elements every presentation should have
  • Giving people value in your speeches before giving them the ask
  • Separating your agency from your competition by giving your processes a name
  • Why you need to showcase case studies in your presentations to show off your expertise
  • The nine elements of the irresistible offer architecture
  • Why you should give people a physical giveaway (book, flash drive, etc.) whenever you can
  • How to overcome your prospects’ objections
  • Reverse engineering your presentations based on what you want to offer at the end
  • Why you have to get good at speaking now

The Golden Nuggets:

“It doesn't matter your age. It doesn't matter your race or your gender. If you're in front of the right audience and they have a big enough pain, they will listen to anybody to solve that pain.” - @dustinmathews Click To Tweet “Anyone of stature is properly introduced before they make comments. Nothing says you have earned your position on that stage more than having a worthy introduction.” - @dustinmathews Click To Tweet “The whole reason why you speak to an audience is to provide them a solution, but before you go for the sale, you have to build value. More than ever before, this is critical.” - @dustinmathews Click To Tweet “Whatever your point of view, your methodology, your process -- own it. Help the audience believe you can help them get the results they need.” - @dustinmathews Click To Tweet “Create your offer first and then reverse engineer your whole presentation from there. If the story isn’t making sense, the offer won’t either.’” - @dustinmathews Click To Tweet “Practice speaking. Be a content producer. You don’t have to sit down and write a blog every day, but if you get interviewed or talk to people at conferences and try different material, life is going to get a whole lot easier.” - @dustinmathews Click To Tweet “We are under the gun as agency owners to put out a message. A lot of people are putting out messages, but is it leading to a sale?” - @dustinmathews Click To Tweet


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