Episode 153:

As agencies struggle to attract and retain top talent, it’s natural that we’re having a lot of conversation about culture.

We’re in a creative industry, and I find that most owners are pretty self-aware. We want to love the business we’ve built, and we want to do right by our employees. Everyone wants their agency to have a culture that employees value and enjoy, but some owners don’t really know how to be intentional about it.

Gina Trimarco is the chief results officer and founder of a company called Pivot 10 Results. In this episode, I wanted to get her take on some of the challenges owners are facing in the current business climate – mainly getting and retaining the right employees. Work culture is a big part of that equation.

We get into a lively discussion about core values and how they can either sit unremembered in an employee handbook or be pivotal in shaping culture. What does it take to keep core values front-of-mind for both owners and employees? How does that help attract and retain the best people? These are questions I am asked every day, so I was glad for Gina’s perspective on all this. I think you will be too.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to define a healthy work culture
  • Creative ways to thank employees for a job well done
  • Putting your best foot forward when an applicant is interviewing you as a potential workplace
  • Empathy-based training and emotional intelligence to create a positive work environment
  • The critical role of stated, repeated, and lived-out core values in establishing a healthy work culture
  • Using your story to sell services, and attract and retain great people
  • How a team of happy employees that has bought in to the core values can be your best recruiting tool
  • How to listen to employees’ hopes and dreams and develop strategies to retain them longer
  • Creating a positive culture that stays positive when the owner is away

The Golden Nuggets:

“In order to understand and shape your company culture, you need to be hyper aware and actually feel what is going on in your environment.” – @GinaTrimarco Click To Tweet “When it comes to good relationships with employees, it’s not a matter of ability. It’s a matter of understanding where they are coming from.” – @GinaTrimarco Click To Tweet “Everyone likes to be listened to. You can see it on a person’s face. It delights them.” – @GinaTrimarco Click To Tweet “Owners can be bad at making time for one-on-ones. Make sure one-on-ones are a part of your routine – scheduled into your calendar on an ongoing basis.” – @GinaTrimarco Click To Tweet “Agency owners should be just as nervous as applicants are because those potential employees can choose who to work with. You need to be clear on what's in it for them.” – @GinaTrimarco Click To Tweet “When you know your own story, you can turn that story into a message about why people should work for you.” – @GinaTrimarco Click To Tweet


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