Episode 156:

Building genuine relationships in our industry is one of the best parts of being in the business. The point is not to build transactional relationships that will end in a big “payoff” for you. When you focus on real relationships, you wind up bringing people into your life who you actually want to work with, and when you’re really fortunate, end up being good friends.

I firmly believe in this philosophy and the value of those relationships, both professionally and personally. These days, relationship-building often starts online.

James Carbary has raised LinkedIn updates and interactions to an art form. I wanted to explore his strategy and the benefits he’d seen in this episode. James generously shared some great tips on how to create good content that gets noticed and builds both engagement and relationships online. His LinkedIn prowess grows out of his larger interest in fostering genuine relationships.

One of the more fascinating projects James has going on are the B2B Growth Dinners he has launched.  It may be coming to a city near you and if so – be sure to participate. James’ idea was to create an opportunity for six strangers who all worked in tangential fields to have dinner and get to know one another. No agenda, no 30-second elevator pitch. He owns/runs an agency, but James’ passion and gift is as a relationship builder. So, we had a lot to talk about!

James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, a podcast agency for B2B brands. He’s a contributor to the Huffington Post and Business Insider, and he also co-hosts the B2B Growth Show, a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketers achieve explosive growth.



What You Will Learn About in This Episode:

  • The power genuine relationships have to enrich your life and build your agency
  • Repurposing content to fit the platform you are presenting it on
  • How to create a community of people
  • Working with engagement groups on LinkedIn
  • How to post on LinkedIn for maximum organic views and engagement
  • Why to have conversations over a meal
  • Using LinkedIn to define your brand and attract clients you want to work with
  • How podcasts help you build a relationship first, add value, and find ideal clients

The Golden Nuggets:

“I've always been a relationship guy. Podcasting has been a phenomenal way to create relationships with people I may end up doing business with some day.” – @jamescarbary Click To Tweet “I think people can feel it when you're being genuine and not just trying to convert them into a new piece of business.” – @jamescarbary Click To Tweet “Being vulnerable in sharing your story and what makes you uniquely you – and how that shapes how you do business – leads to more and deeper engagement with your audience.” – @jamescarbary Click To Tweet “Spending a few seconds putting articles with clickbait headlines into your Buffer queue is not engagement. The amount of effort that you put into it is directly correlated to the results that you're going to see.” – @jamescarbary Click To Tweet “I developed b2bgrowthdinners.com to answer the question, ‘How do you create a genuine community with people who are in the foxhole with one another and want one another to succeed?” – @jamescarbary Click To Tweet


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