Episode 74:

Jason Keath is a refreshing voice on creative culture and digital trends. He is a keynote speaker, writer, and entrepreneur.

Jason is the founder and CEO of Social Fresh Conference, the leading social media and digital marketing conference for major brands and agencies. More than 150 of the Fortune 500 have attended Jason’s training sessions, workshops, and presentations.

Rooted firmly in the creative arts, Jason brings an innovative approach to marketing and internal culture. With a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, he focuses on how creative thinking can drive businesses forward and improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

He is routinely quoted by media in the NY Times, USA Today, MSNBC, the LA Times, AdAge, the Washington Post and other outlets. Jason is also the author of the forthcoming book, The Case for More Bad Ideas (revealing the counterintuitive secrets of creative leaders).



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jason’s background
  • Why Jason started Social Fresh
  • How to get your whole team to be creative
  • Why you need to hear bad ideas and how to manage your team so they aren’t afraid to voice them
  • Why you should brainstorm at least 50-100 ideas for every one that you actually put into place
  • How having your team prepare ideas anonymously in advance will save you time and result in a discussion that’s more free
  • Why creativity comes from having at least one core competency (and how to figure out what your core competency is)
  • The filter phase of the process post brainstorming where you take ideas and combine and eliminate ideas until you’ve broken them down to where you’re happy with them
  • Why you should try to come up with three great ideas and keep the two that you ultimately don’t go with for later
  • Why you need to make the space where your team has creative meetings a different space than where they would sit through boring meetings
  • What you can do in your free time to boost your creativity
  • Why your brainstorming teams should be a mix of people who have brainstormed together in the past and those who haven’t
  • Jason’s upcoming event this summer all about the future of the industry


The Golden Nugget:

“Creativity comes from at least one core competency and building upon it.” – @jasonkeath Click To Tweet


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