Episode 169:

On this episode, we delve into the unconscious mind and the concept of “limiting beliefs.” It’s the idea If I say to you, “I’ll meet you there in five hours” what is the first question you’re going to ask me? Right, meet you where? Finding our way without knowing the destination is impossible. But too often, that’s how we run our agencies.

Both short and long-term planning often gets sidelined in the hubbub of running our agencies. We’re putting out fires. We’re solving client crises. We’re answering employees’ questions. All stuff that needs doing, but for a lot of agency owners, the urgent gets in the way of the important

On episode #169, we get right into it. What does it take to create plans that inspire compliance and action? What does it take to actually follow through? Is there such a thing as work-life balance? I’ll give that answer away for free: no, there is not. (But still listen in!)

That’s why I loved my conversation with Jennifer Dawn. She is a business coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs, and she’s developed some really strong tools for goal-setting and planning.

Jennifer spent years working in the corporate world before taking the plunge and pursuing her passion for mentoring entrepreneurs to grow profitable, healthy, and truly exceptional businesses.

Business plans don’t have to be the Mona Lisa. They don’t have to be epic works of prose. Jennifer and I agree – one page, two max, is a great length for a plan.

If you’re ready to really make time for the important; if you want a plan for work and life that really serves the life you want, this is a perfect episode to dive into. There are tons of practical tips and suggestions about how to get your plans out there on paper, review regularly, and actually, follow through so you get to the defined destination of your choosing.



What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How to get your business plan down to two pages or less
  • The importance of getting an outside perspective on your business plan
  • Why beginning with the end in mind has not gone out of style
  • How to make your business plan a living document
  • Breaking down your goals into tiny, manageable steps
  • Definition of the “A” task
  • Actionable ways to manage your work/life blend this week
  • How to build personal and work components together into your planning
  • How to plan your business priorities so they are in support of your life goals
  • Three steps to achieve any goal you set

The Golden Nuggets:

“Get the feedback. It might be a little bit uncomfortable, but that’s where the gold is.” – Jennifer Dawn Click To Tweet “As entrepreneurs, we feel like we have to carry the weight of the world all by ourselves. And if we ask for help, it means that we're a failure. Wrong! You can’t go it alone. There are lots of ways to ask for help.” – Jennifer Dawn Click To Tweet

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